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Nursing Care is for people requiring special medical care and monitoring, who do not require hospitalisation.

This type of care is very similar to residential, however with the distinction that the care is supervised at all times by registered nurses who are on site.

Nursing is suitable more specifically for people with specialist requirements in regard to their medical care, it could be an illness or medical condition that needs frequent medical attention for example. This means they would require a higher level of support than that provided as part of residential care.

Our registered nurses are fully trained, experienced and dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your loved ones, looking after their health and well-being.

Such help includes, but is not limited to:

Assistance with waking and preparing for the day or preparing for bed

Bathing or showering

Applying lotions and creams as required

Oral hygiene (brushing teeth, denture care etc.)

Applying make-up, help with hair styling

Support with shaving

Helping to the toilet

Assistance at mealtimes as required

Ensuring residents have the opportunity for social interaction with others, as per their wishes

Making sure that residents are well hydrated and taking necessary fluids

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